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Monday, January 22, 2007

Why I'm Pro-Choice

Blog for Choice Day - January 22, 2007
Today is blog for choice day. It may be late in the day, but how could I not participate? It sickens me that Bush is calling it "sanctity of life" day, and it sickens me that the shit the far right is pulling is so ugly, so anti-woman, and anti-dialogue.

So here's why I'm pro-choice, and this is just the tip of the iceberg:

*because Eve is a myth.
*because until men have to deal with their own cramps, hot flashes, morning sickness, midol, and epidurals, they have no right to get all up in my womb.
*because the mainstream media manipulates us by marketing food as porn and diets as salvation, sexuality as necessary and intelligence as ugly-- we have to claim our bodies as our own.
*because war is not pro-life.
*because every child should be a wanted child.
*because birth control is one of the best advances made this century.
*because abstinence-only doesn't work.
*because being "pro-life" in actuality means forcing women to remain pregnant or deliver children under the threat of incarceration. creepily dystopian, eh? (think Orwell or Atwood)
*because we as a society are more interested in chastizing rape victims than in telling men to wear condoms and take responsibility for their actions.
*because being afraid of female sexuality is so retro.
*because thousands of Irish women fly to England every year for silent journeys to abortion clinics.
*because Phyllis Schlafly is a venomous hell-bat.
*because war is not pro-life.
*because we don't want to go back to alleys and hangers.
*because if we repeal Roe, rich women will jet off to Sweden while poor women will suffer from botched abortions.
*because EC has brought the number of abortions down in Europe (that hotbed of hedonism).
*because war is not pro-life.
*because back in third grade, I saw my mother board a bus for a pro-choice rally in Washington armed with signs and buttons, and I knew that to leave home for that long, she must really believe in something, and she's the woman I admire most in the world.