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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Some Things Never Change

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What were your reading habits like as a kid? Were you nuts like me, sneaking out a book in the middle of the night and reading throughout long car trips (can't believe I did that!), or did your bookworm proclivities develop later?


  1. Def read thru car trips. Still do if I can. My mom is a librarian so reading was a genetic requirement. I was the girl who always had the reading assignment done. Hated dumb-down reading assignments and said so to teachers. Read Shakespeare, history, and Stephen King by the time I was 6th grade. Talk abt a nerd.

  2. I love the depth of your eyes.

  3. Ever since I can remember, I read EVERYWHERE... EXCEPT in the car. Because it would have made me throw up (and still would! I can read a map for a few seconds, but that's it.). My favorite place to read was upside down on the couch--my head on the seat, and my feet draped over the back!