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Thursday, October 08, 2009

Big Prizes Go to a Pair of Ladies

Here's the reaction from the interwebs.

Herta Mueller/Muller/
Müller picks up the Nobel...

Herta Muller wins Nobel Prize in Literature
he 56-year-old, who emigrated to Germany in 1987, has made the trials of living under Nicolae Ceauşescu's dictatorship a focus of her work...
from Jacket Copy
from XX blog

Another obscure Nobel Prize literature winner! Sigh
Herta who?, you ask. You’re not alone. Müller is a writer who ranked far, far down the list at the bookmakers Ladbrokes (at least until the last few days, when she became a virtual
from Shelf Life

Behind The Iron Curtain: Herta Mueller Wins Nobel Prize For Literature [Woman Of Letters]
Mueller's first book, a short story collection called Niederungen (Nadirs), was published in Romania in 1982.
from Jezebel

....while Hillary Mantel picks up the Booker.

Hilary Mantel Wins Man Booker Prize
...taking a prize worth nearly $80,000 for her novel, "Wolf Hall"--a historical biography about Henry VIII's adviser, Thomas Cromwell...
from GalleyCat

Man Booker Prize shows the Tudors still got it
The prestigious Man Booker Prize has been awarded to Hilary Mantel for "Wolf Hall," her Mantel was considered the odds-on favorite going into tonight's ceremony in London -- yes, the British do take bets on who will win a book prize...
from Jacket Copy

1 comment:

  1. That reminds me of Bertie Wooster being caught up in taking bets on how long vicars' sermons would run. Which is actually something I would bet on in a heartbeat.

    I've never heard of Wolf Hall but I'm always one for a riveting histocial novel. well...maybe riveting. Bookers aren't picked with that agenda!

    Think you'll read it too?