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Thursday, December 18, 2008

My Thoughts on Obama's Choice of Reverend Rick Warren

...expressed, once more, through chats with my brother (we are both procrastinating).

For those who don't know the background, woman-hating, gay-bashing, creepy pastor Rick Warren is giving an invocation at the inauguration. ERGO my away message: "WTF barack??"

[bro]: why wtf barack?
me: rick warren is delivering the invocation at the inauguration

37 minutes
5:52 PM [bro]: saddleback boy?
me: yeah!
[bro]: fatty?*
no on prop 8 boy
5:53 PM [bro]: that is disgusting
screw obama
dawkins is right
why do religious people get a pass on everything
hate is hate
whether the hater wears a collar or not
[bro]: god i'm reading some stuff
warren is despicable
hopefully a haggard scandal breaks
where he's doing meth with some gigolo
9:57 AM me: yeah he believes wives should submit to their husbands!
nice man, that
me: atrios says people should turn their backs when warren prays
[bro]: nice
10:02 AM god hates bigots
10:09 AM [bro]: im researching hate speech
warren is an idiot

*UPDATE. We are referring, of course, to his fatty bulbous SOUL gorged on self-importance and not loving his neighbor. Making fun of people's appearances is never okay unless I feel like it their ugly souls happen to be reflected externally. Which I believe qualifies in this case.


  1. I don't actually know much about Reverend Warren, but from what I've heard you've got to wonder what Barack is thinking. He seems to have a problem where minister-types are concerned...

  2. Yes to all of that! Except the fat jokes, which aren't really... necessary. But otherwise, absolutely!