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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

How Many Books Did You Read in 2008?

Librarything is down so I did a little sleuthing to find out my number.

The total is 38 Books. Broken down:

14 books reviewed for Publishers Weekly
1 book for Venus Zine (American Wife)
And ~23 Books for Pleasure (reviews here) including:
  • The latter two His Dark Materials Books (read Golden Compass in Dec. '07)
  • All Four Twilight Books
  • A re-read of all 3 LOTR Books
  • 1.25 Books for my Bitch article on Jane Eyre and Rebecca (A quarter of Madwoman in the Attic and Daphne)
  • .75 of Little Dorrit (gonna finish it this weekend!)
  • The Tales of Beedle the Bard
  • The Historian
  • Scarlet Feather
  • Good in Bed
  • A Freewheeling Time
  • One-Hundred Years of Solitude
  • Great American Hypocrites
  • Sula
  • Cranford
  • .5 of The Gathering
  • The Terror Dream
  • .5 of He's a Stud She's a Slut and It's a Jungle Out There

How many books did you read? Ballpark it!


  1. I'm just reading my fiftieth book (On Chesil Beach) today. This is my first successful year of the 50 books challenge. If only I could get paid to write reviews!

  2. I read 62, two over my goal of 60 for the year! :) I also read all the Twilight books and Cranford.

  3. Damn! I have a high standard to live up to next year thanks to you two ladies.