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Thursday, December 18, 2008

My evening

I went to an Oasis concert tonight. It was free, and I was a teenage fangirl once so I had to go. I had a blast. Here is an account of my evening as chatted to my brother just moments ago.

me: it was fun
they played some crappy new stuff
but then at the end they killed it with wonderwall, dont look back in anger, champagne supernova etc etc etc
they filled all of MSG! i couldn't believe how many people actually paid $ to see them
i mean i wouldn't have!
12:36 AM ALSO
as we were walking out
there were some obnoxious drunk guys chanting something
and we get on the escalator
12:37 AM and i say to [boyfriend]] "you know who's probably here, [group of high school boys I once knew who went to every Oasis concert that I did.]
And then I turn around at that very moment and lo and behold, there are [member of said group #1], [member #2] [and member #3] right behind me!
they were the chanting douchebags!
all along.
ain't life grand?
12:38 AM brother:
those guys are huge herbs

The moral of the story is, sometimes it can be fun to go to Oasis concerts!

Also, feel free to wake yourself up with this song, which was the best of the night.

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