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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

URL change/update

Hi to my readers from the great state of Vermont, where I'm immersed in my ten-day prose reading and writing extravaganza. I'm having a truly amazing time, and will detail more later--but suffice it to say that it's mind-blowing for this Harvard grad to be surrounded by people who are serious and brilliant but not particularly competitive. I'm a bit bewildered, to be honest, at the lack of backstabbing, but I could get used to it.

I realize I owe my faithful readership a lot of book reviews: Alice Munro, Guernsey Literary, and the new Sookie. And the New Yorker fiction issue. I will try to return to regular blogging upon my return.

Oh, and this blog has moved: the new URL is The RSS feed should be the same, and the redirect from But if you're not getting updates, please re-subscribe here.

And ALSO, I'm tumbling a lot more these days. It's pretty random and occasionally personal stuff, but should you be interested it's

Til we next meet!

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