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Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Spring musings--what are you reading?

Hi guys. I'm in the middle of a reading frenzy. I finished Angela's Ashes and am in between Persepolis I and Persepolis II, which I'm trying to read to keep up with a student. Also reading Susan J.Douglas's "Englightened Sexism" for a piece, and about to delve back into the Baby-Sitters Club for a piece. And ALSO have a new review book to read and so on and so on until breathless...whew!

how about you? What are you bringing out into the garden or park to read as the weather grows mild?

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  1. Persepolis is great. It's the first graphic novel that I got my mom to read. Hope your enjoying it. Right now I'm reading the Alias Omnibus by Bendis.

    As for spring, where I live it snowed all day and all last night. So there's that.

  2. I am tearing through Sense & Sensibility. It is wonderful and hilarious, of course! Already feeling slight stirrings of dread to come because I am nearly done with S&S, and after that I will be down to my last major Austen novel, and once I finish Mansfield Park, then what will I have to read? (Sanditon??)

  3. Persepolis Is great. The film too, is a must see.
    Wow. The Babysitters Club brings back such memories. I was Obsessed with those books...despite the fact I didn't care to babysit much. What is it with girls and clubs? Maybe I should say girls and all-girl communities. Ha!
    I'm stretching out Jane Eyre as much as I can. Nearly done with Playing in the Dark by Toni Morrison, reading some short stories by 19th century women authors and I just hit on southern mystery series where a lawyer (with the help of angels) pleads for souls who might otherwise get dumped into a circle of hell OR do major purgatory time. It's curious, light read. The first book is Defending Angels by Mary Stanton.

  4. I'm reading one of Mary Oliver's older collections, American Primitive. She's as amazing as she is in her later volumes. It's also fun to see her writing about Ohio so frequently.

  5. I've always admired avid readers. Except avid readers of academic stuff. I feel antipathy towards them. Is that weird?

  6. Dorla, I'd love to read some Mary Oliver. I'm trying to get into short stories.

    Catherine, I read "Playing in the Dark" for my freshman comp class...loved it. She is such. a. genius.