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Thursday, January 28, 2010

A Gallery Of Extremely Handsome British Men

A Gallery Of Extremely Handsome British Men [Handsome Is] is up over at Jezebel and causing lots of drooling thereabouts. Check out all the Austen heroes who show up in the comments.

And don't forget OUR Gallery of period drama men:

#15-11, #10-6, # 5-1 and the new top five hotties are all here. And here's my photo gallery wherewith I made those lists.


  1. OMG Thank you. Now I'm gonna go get a cigarette.

  2. That was pretty wonderful. Though...I really do think Tom Hardy from the 2009 Wuthering Heights deserves a mention. The Most Perfect Healthcliff Ever (the 2nd half the movie doesn't count). Olivier can't hold a candle for that sort of smouldering intensity verging on sheer hatred of everything. That just Shouldn't be so sexy but! it is.