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Friday, December 11, 2009

Zombies, Zombies, Everywhere--And Natalie Portman?

It seems that Natalie Portman will play the zombie-slaying, nunchuck-wielding, upper-crust gentleman bewitching, Mr. Collins-refusing Lizzie Bennet.

For my thoughts on the matter, I refer you to this previous post.
Any input on the casting, or too sick of the undead to care?

More Jane, and zombies, around the web (it never ends, readers!):

The Transcontinental Disability Choir: Pride & Prejudice & Ableism
People have been adapting and playing with the works of Jane Austen for decades, whether they're bringing them to life on the big screen and staying true to the novels, or taking the plots and characters in entirely new direction...
from Bitch Magazine Blogs

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies the movie - undead in a theater near you!
Portman will co-produce with Annette Savitch.Natalie and I are longtime passionate fans of Jane Austen’s books and this a fresh, fun and thought-provoking way to approach her work,” Savitch said. .
from Jane Austen Today

Just in Time for Christmas: Pride and Prejudice and 30% More Zombies
This new leatherette edition boasts 30% more zombies in its expanded version, a new preface by coauthor Seth Grahame-Smith, and thirteen oil painting illustrations by Roberto Parada.Why does the publisher desire you to spend more money on this new edition? Becaus...
from Jane Austen Today

The Jane Austen Backlash!
Jane Austen, "vicious gossip?" Look, anyone who's read any Austen in school knows that there are plenty of people who will dismiss her as boring or trivial - in this regard, 19th century literary critics are rivaled only by 14-year-old boys.
from Jezebel

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