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Saturday, December 05, 2009

Around the Web

  • Bronte Blog has a good wrap-up on various Twilight-Bronte connection articles around the 'nets, including a piece in the Guardian on how Twilight is helping the Brontes by getting several stalled Bronte film adaptations into high gear, and a piece from a Smith college's publication asserting the opposite, for more intellectual reasons.
  • Also in the Guardian, a great piece celebrating 150 years of Wilkie Collins's The Woman in White, an EBC favorite. Here's a taste:
Despite such drastically mixed reviews, The Woman in White was a mad success with the public, and made no less of a sensation out of its 35-year-old author, Wilkie Collins. In middle-class dining rooms everywhere, discussion turned to the intriguing cast of characters Mr Collins had invented – mannish, eloquent Marian Halcombe; faithful and angelic Laura Fairlie; sinister, secretive Percival Glyde; and of course Count Fosco, seductive and cunning, with his cockatoo, his canary-birds, and his white mice running over his immense body. Two months in, Dickens was calling the novel "masterly", and Prince Albert admired it so much that he later sent off copies as gifts.
Who could ever forget Count Fosco?

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