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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince: What Did You Think?

Just got back from my showing and WOW. This may have been the best yet. Share your thoughts in the comments, readers, and I will add mine in the morning once I recover.

Critical roundup below via google reader:

"Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince"
The sixth film in J.K. Rowling's series has beautiful special effects, and something even more rare: Magic
from Salon -

Harry Potter: the verdicts
few seem willing to condemn David Yates's second effort in the director's chair out of hand.Most seem of the opinion that Half-Blood Prince is a perfectly entertaining if somewhat work...
from home | -

Half-Blood Prince Suffers From Lack Of Action, Emma Watson's Hotness [Critical Mass]
Critics say Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince is entertaining and well acted, they also worry that its teenage stars are now too attractive. Half-Blood Prince opened today and has already earned $22.2 million from midnight showings last night, making it the biggest midnight gross of all time, according to Variety.
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  1. I thought it was fantastic!

    The acting was great - I was so impressed I even thought a shot of Daniel Radcliffe scratching the side of his nose was fantastic. I literally thought to myself (and yes I know I'm ridiculous), "wow, he scratches his nose so naturally!

    A lot of the critics seem to be saying, "with so much exposition, what could you expect, there wasn't a lot of plot so they filled it in with personal stuff" whereas I would say - no, the personal growth of the main characters is key to the resolution of the plot of the whole series. The real plot of the book (and the movie) was, "the kids grow up", not "Dumbledore dies," and that is why the movie worked so well. (Just picture the moody Harry of Order of the Phoenix searching out horcruxes in Deathly Hallows? Not likely)

  2. I totally agree with you on this Sarah (this seems to be a common occurrence!). The movie was utterly absorbing and the character development and acting were wonders to behold. 6 is definitely the best of the books, the emotional climax in a way, and so the movie stayed really true to its spirit. I definitely give david yates a ton of credit for being able to give the films their own life and artistic merit without compromising what's vital in the books.