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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Deep Thoughts Re: the Harry Potter Canon Via G-chat

...with HLP's sister/ friend 'o'mine Molly.

WARNING: Major Harry Potter 6+7 Spoilers ahead:

Sarah's G-ghat away message:just wasted my morning re-reading key chapters of Deathly Hallows

Molly: hahah i just wasted two days doing that!
was this for an article or something or just for good old fashioned fun
me: no no just because the movie made me want to revisit all that stuff
[discussion of the movie ensues]

2:28 PM me: your brother and i have been debating the end of deathly hallows
Molly: haha
me: do you feel like the part where harry comes back to life after accepting he's going to die is explained enough?
it's kind of hard to swallow
2:29 PM we were looking over the scene in limbo or whatever where dumbledore explains it
Molly: yeah well what doesnt make sense
is that if he was the "master" of death because of the the hallows and because he had accepted his own death
then why did he have the interlude w/ dumbledore at all?
2:30 PM me: yeah exactly
Molly: i guess the point is that he got to choose? because he had mastered death
me: and the thing about voldemort taking his bloodand entwining them
is a weaker explanation than the master of death thing
Molly: yes definitely
and it doesn't make sense
me: and then during the battle he throws in the idea that his "protective charm" of sacrificing himself for everyone at hogwarts has saved them
Molly: that voldemort "killing" harry
2:31 PM would have only resulted in the death of the part of voldemort in him
like that squealing devil baby
me: yeah exactly
Molly: why did that die?
me: yeah freaky devil baby
Molly: yeah the protective charm over hogwarts thing is ridiculous
2:32 PM because its impossible that lily and harry are the only people in history to die to save someone else
me: yeah she threw in too many things there at the last minute
Molly: so why isnt that like common knowledge that the killing curse doesn't work on people who've had someone die for them?
yeah i agree - its too much
i mean frankly the hallows thing at all
2:33 PM is like enough to add in the last book
2:34 PM me: yeah she should have just made that clear
Molly: yeah agreed
me: and left the other stuff out
2:35 PM the scene in the final movie when harry announces to voldy that he is the master of the elder wand is going to rock though
Molly: 2:36 PM yeah that is gonna rock
that whole last thing
I really hope the movie version lives up to it
when I was rereading it too
Molly: hahahah
the line when Harry has accepted that hes gonna die and hes walking out to the woods
me: and he asks "does it hurt?"
2:37 PM Molly: omg YES that whole part
and when the mom says hes so brave
but what I was gonna say
is when he says he wishes he could see the weasleys one more time, but that if he looked at them "would he ever be able to stop looking?"
i burst into tears just as hard as the first time i read that
that and "does it hurt"
2:38 PM killed me
me: yeah that scene is so poignant
2:39 PM it's funny isn't it that both her and tolkein are essentially writing these books whose theme turns out to be death?
2:40 PM Molly: yeah totally!
2:41 PM they both seem to be about like the fate of the world and the destruction of evil
but turn out to be abt reconciling yourself to dying
me: yeah man
we are so deep
me: even though they both have their share of resurrections, it can't stop the march of time2:42 PM Molly: hahaha
me: no it's so true though
Molly: and on the opposite end of the spectrum
Molly: the fact that harry named his son albus severus made me even angrier the second time around
me: yeah agreed
Molly: that whole epilogue
Molly: is embarrassing to read
me: fine he helped them out somewhat
but he was still a royal asshole
Molly: yeah he was NOT the bravest man harry knew
2:45 PM me: he was a creep
2:47 PM a pervy little lily-loving creep
Molly: hahah
me: yo i can i publish this g-chat, abridged, on my blog?
2:48 PM Molly: hahah obv
the second time i read it i also cried hardcore at: dobby's death
2:49 PM and the end when kreacher is fighting
i fucking love kreacher
all the house elf stuff is actually really good
me: yeahhhh i never really had the dobby's death reaction that others did
BUT i did love that scene at the end
Molly: hahaha WHAT
me: i mean it was sad! but it happened so fast
my dad and my best friend julia were devastated and so was simon
2:50 PM but i was too busy speeding through trying to find out what happened next to cry
i am a heartless heartless person
Molly: hahahah
its because you think house elves are beneath us
me: yeahhh
2:51 PM although when my people read the S.P.E.W stuff they all start comparing me to hermione
but i guess im more interested in saving them in theory than in practice
Molly: ahhahah
yeah whereas i didnt give a fuck abt spew
2:52 PM but poor lil dobbbbbby!!
me: "harry...potter..."
Molly: hhaha
harry potter must not die!
me:that bellatrix is a sick fuckstabbin house elves
2:53 PM me: avada kedavra'ing siriusMolly: all the deaths in hp7 actually
are like way below the belt
she picks the meanest possible deaths
me: i know
Molly: dobby who is so brave and tiny
and george
me: FRED
Molly: fred?
me: FRED
2:54 PM hahahaha
Molly: and yeah lupin and tonks!
right after they have teddy!!
that still makes me so mad
how she just puts that in as like a footnote
oh yeah, theyre dead too
me: i guess she did that to complete the cycle or something
another orphan
me: whom harry will help raise just as lupin helped raise him
2:55 PM Molly: and harry can be the godfather that sirius couldnt because of azkaban
but still
it wouldnt have been as bad if she had just given them a death scene worthy of them
like they are not thaaat below the belt
me: yeah i agree
Molly: but fred and dobby were way. harsh.
me: like have them kill some death eater
2:56 PM Molly: yeah cause you know that when they died
me: why couldn't she kill percy instead of Fred?
Molly: they were bringing death eaters down fighting
so why couldnt we have seen that? so at least their deaths meant something
i think it was supposed to be molly
it was supposed to be molly and hagrid
2:57 PM and then she switched it to fred and lupin and tonks
i thought in the movie
2:58 PM draco malfoy totally lived up to draco of the books
3:00 PM me: yes he was great
in the other movies 2, he embodies both his arrogance and his cowardice
3:01 PM he could be a a total nyc prep school a-hole

3:10 PM Molly: hahah yeah totally


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  1. I LOVE THIS! This is what my sister and I talk endlessly about.

    Regarding Harry dying/not dying -- I think that all of the reasons really just stem from one reason: Harry was a horcrux. Voldemort destroyed his own horcrux (Harry) so that this part of his soul was now dead. However, Harry is unique in that he's a person. When Voldemort's soul was destroyed in the ring or locket or anywhere else, the item itself did not completely disappear, though it was usually irreparably damaged.

    But, again, Harry is a person. So for him, "irreparably damaged" would likely mean dead, except he's now the master of death, so he can choose to die or to live.

    I think the part about him sacrificing himself the way his mother sacrificed herself for him is more a contributing factor or "look how nice this is" than the actual reason.

    Anyhoodles, that's my take anyway from my many discussions with my sister about all of this.