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Thursday, January 03, 2008

Happy 08 Readership

Greetings, reader-land. Hope you've recovered nicely from your hangovers and irritating headaches caused by too many people shouting "08, mannn! wooo!" from assorted rooftops, balconies, couches and dance floors.

Personally, like the Dashwood sisters before me, I've been spending my break moving with my hetero life-partner from my isolated palace up in north Manhattan to a tiny but cozy cottage/apartment ("I am excessively fond of a cottage") in North but less-north Manhattan, a wee bit closer to the bookshops and cafes of Universityvilleland and of course, closer to ma, pa, and work.

My new years resolutions are basically to unpack all my boxes and keep writing and blogging, and ignore the fifteen or twenty comments I got at social events over break about how--it is implied--my unorthodox career choice (freelance writer for the indy press-cum-tutorer of wealthy teens) must be a disappointment and I should really hook up with so and so over at such and such a corporate publication. To which I am always tempted to reply: I will sell out when I f-ing want to sell out, and not a second before, you nitwits!

In this first post of deuce-double-ought-eight, also want to add a heartfelt shoutout to my candidate, John Edwards, on the eve of his caucusing in Iowa. Not that he needs me after liberal heavyweights Michael Moore and Ralph Nader big-upped him this week, but one more positive vibe can't hurt. I support him because I love the anti-corporate, pro-union message he espouses, because I identify with his anger at the status quo, and because I think we're in a serious emergency here in the US of A, and conciliatoriness is not the way out. I want a Fortinbras, not a Hamlet, yo. Also, I don't care if he gets expensive haircuts, cause he be looking fine, and Elizabeth deserves herself a handsome man, if any woman ever did.

Anyway, that's all from the new digs. Best wishes for a peaceful and serene '08 with a heart-poundingly exciting Democratic victory at its end.

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