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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Justice for the Jena Six

This is such a huge issue. If y'all do anything today, click on the image above and find out what you can do about this massive abuse of our justice system and proof that sadly, overt racism is still alive and well in America.


  1. no_slappz5:23 PM

    Fat Nick Minucci (white), of Howard Beach, Queens was sentenced to 15 years in jail for hitting Glenn Moore (black) with a bat while yelling racial epithets.

    Moore, meanwhile, admitted in court that he was in Howard Beach to steal a car at the time Fat Nick whacked him.

    Nevertheless, Fat Nick is doing 15 years in jail for the June, 2005 attack.

    In the Jena case, a white teenager was knocked unconscious by a black assailant. Mychal Bell may be in trouble, but he's not about to receive a 22-year sentence, as the hyperventilating press has claimed he might.

    Tell me what makes the case of the black assailant substantially different from Fat Nick's case.

    Frankly, the white kid in Jena was obviously targeted by the black attackers. That makes the assault on him a more serious legal matter.

    Moreover, as provocative as nooses in the South may be, there is no law prohibiting them.

    In addition, those who want Mychal Bell released and freed of charges seem to believe that the state of Louisiana should temporarily suspend the law against felonious assault just for his benefit.

    On that basis, Fat Nick should receive his Get-Out-of-Jail card too.

    Did you catch the story about the shooting at Delaware State University? Surprise, surprise, a shooting at an all-black college.

    Meanwhile, over near me in Flatbush, Brooklyn, three black girls were shot while they were chatting on the front stoop. No white shooters were found anywhere in the neighborhood.

  2. Anonymous2:20 AM

    no_slappz hit it right on the very head. Thank you slappz, for portraying reality instead of just falling in with the rest of the sheep in defending a black kid simply because he's black dnd wailing and crying about the poor pathetic and unjustly accused Jena 6. It seems that the point people are trying to make here is that it's okay for a black kid who breaks the law to do so by viciously attacking a white kid. And because he's black, he shouldn't have to pay a price for breaking that law and attacking another being. Yet, the kids who hung the nooses, while in very bad taste, did not BREAK THE LAW, yet these sheep and black sympathizers would have the white kids sent to execution without trial for their actions, which were not then nor are now ILLEGAL.

    And lets not forget that this supposed innocent angel, Bell, has a PREVIOUS CRIMINAL RECORD.

    Screw the Jena 6. They broke the law and they should have to be pay their sentence in punishment for breaking the law, JUST LIKE I WOULD HAVE TO HAD IT BEEN ME AND THE SKIN COLOR REVERSED.

    Cry me a river somewhere else about the unjust racism of America.