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Monday, September 10, 2007

Britney Spears at the VMAs

Say what you will about her choice of outfit, her "dead eyes" and her bewildered demeanor, but, this ---> is not fat.

We all need to look at this woman and say to ourselves, "WE DID THIS TO HER."

She is a reflection of us in the end, and maybe that's why she makes us so uncomfortable.

UPDATE: in case you're wondering why I'm emphasizing her un-fatness, read this sentence from the AP (and the comments from any gossip blog that discusses Ms. Spears)

She lazily walked through her dance moves with little enthusiasm. It appeared she had forgotten the entire art of lip-synching; and, perhaps most unforgivable given her once taut frame, she looked embarrassingly out of shape
I repeat, this was an AP article.

UPDATE 2: Check out what fellow Egalitarian Britney-Defender Rebecca Traister has to say, and a great letter in reponse.


  1. yup. we exploited the shit out of her when it was fun for us, then discarded her and heaped shame on HER. them's the breaks when you're dealing with a patriarchal-corporate machine. too bad she didn't show up with a bald head or another big fuck-you to the man!

    (on another note, does this make embracing "gimme more" a boldly subversive act? pls?)

  2. She sure isn't fat. In fact, it's good to see someone prancing around on stage looking healthy for a change.

    But that is one hideous outfit no matter what.

  3. I think that you're 100% right.

  4. 2 twist10:43 PM

    gimme gimme (more) gimme (more) gimme gimme (more) ... OF THIS BLOG!!!

  5. I agree. Britney was 16 when she became a grown up sex symbol. How can we fault her for not being able to handle that?
    This isn't really on topic, but maybe this helps explain some of the awkwardness of Britney's dancing: