Dear Readers,

I now consider this blog to be my Juvenelia. Have fun perusing the archives, and find me at my new haunt, here.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Saying A Fond Farewell

I've decided to put this blog on semipermanent hiatus. With a regular political blogging job and another gig blogging for VCFA about to commence, I just don't have the energy to maintain something like this project.

So the time has come to say my adieux for the time being. It's been well over four years, and they've been wonderful years. But all of our favorite novels have to end sometime, hopefully with a tasty marriage banquet (mine did!) and in a feminist world, with the heroine going back to school and landing new work. I love happy endings!

The nice thing about this chapter closing is that thanks to social media, I am now acquainted with most of my RSS subscribers and followers and regular commenters (there have been a whole lot of you at various points, thanks to Un-Becoming Jane and various liveblogs of Masterpiece Classic) on twitter, facebook and the like, so we will see each other with great frequency.

And a lot of you have started your own blogs--looking at you, most accomplished young lady. So I'll visit you there, and leave my calling card. When the time comes to let you know where my thoughts on reading and writing will next be seen, I'll do so either here or on twitter...Well, actually, I'll tell you now. It will be a blog attached to my website.

Lastly, here's a quick plug for my regular writing career: For an RSS feed of my bylines (approx 3-4 per week) click here. For a newsletter with highlights, (approx 2-3 times a year) click here.

Thanks for reading. It's been so much more than esteem and admiration on my end, readers. As EBC patron saint Andrew Davies once put in the immortal Wickham's bombastic mouth: "Let us not say goodbye - but as the French have it - Au Revior!!""


  1. Oh my gosh! Thanks so much for the very pointed and unexpected shout out -- you quite took me my surprise, and my yelp even startled the cat sitting on my lap. And it takes a lot to get him moving.

    I am sad that you are closing shop here, because your blog -- and your community of commenters and readers -- was instrumental in a whole heck of a lot for me, and my writing. So thank you. Thank you a whole awful lot. And I'll see you in the sequel, whatever that might be. :)

  2. Thanks, Beth! I'll still be around. I'm just consolidating my brand as they say... and you've been instrumental for me as well!

  3. Well this certainly does not have to be a goodbye, however I do wish you well. Hopefully we will still be able to enjoy the same bookish discussion in other social media-venues. Thank you for all of it. Enjoy.

  4. thank you gettsr for being such a loyal reader and commenter!

  5. Sorry to hear that you're putting this blog on hold--I've enjoyed getting to know a bit about you through this page, and will definitely keep up with your writing in future, through your RSS feed, FB, etc!

    Best regards,
    Sonia Michaels

  6. Oh man, I know I'm a lurker but my heart dropped reading that you were shutting this place down! But, whew, am looking forward to reading your broader thoughts on your tumblr; as a lefty/feministy/booknerd myself I'm stoked! :)

  7. thank you Sonia and Mary!

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