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Monday, October 16, 2006

A side-by-side comparison of great Irish storytellers.

Welcome to my new blog, the aim of which is to talk about books, culture, and other fun bs, without the pressure of its being an "education-oriented" blog like my previous effort. I needed to free myself from those shackles.
Speaking of the shackles wherewith we bind ourselves, back when F-ette was an undergrad "studying" in Galway, Ireland, she spent a lot of time lugging around a massive copy of Ulysses purchased while hungover and visiting the Dublin writer's museum. What inspired me to read Ulysses was nothing more than being drunk on the streets of Dublin. Nonetheless, the book was so frikkin' difficult (if ultimately rewarding) that I took it upon myself to look down my nose at certain roommates of mine who were deeply engrossed in another thick tome of Irish life, Quentins, by larger-than-life yarn-spinner Maeve Binchy.
But all that changed when I finally picked up a Binchy novel myself, and I have to say I'm heartily ashamed. So that's the goal of the new blog, bookwormishness without judgement, snobbery, or hating. Just a plain old love of storytelling, on all levels.
On that democratic note, I present to you this chart:


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  1. Hooray for the new FWAVLblog!

    I've read Maeve Binchy, but not yet Quentins - now I will.