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Friday, March 14, 2008

Bloggin' from Vermont.

Greetings, readers, from Vermont, home of cheddar cheese, maple syrup, and Ben and Jerry's. Also, natural beauty and civil unions and socialist senators and other good stuff.

I'm here on a brief family ski trip and actually am a little bit nervous about tackling the icy, steep, cold slopes of Northern New England--a few trips to Utah have turned me into a bit of a spring-skiing spoiled brat of late, forgetting my childhood sliding down the hard slopes of the Northeast--but am happy to be away from the sirens and traffic of the city for a few days.

Right now, in liberal Manhattanite fashion, my family is gathered around a Bill Moyers expose on Blackwater--he's talking with Rep. Henry Waxman about the complete lack of oversight, and it's just devastating. The more I learn about it, the more I think the Bush administration is just one of the most fascist in history. I wonder if America can recover from this even if we do elect Obama.

It's hard to think about when you're in a state like Vermont, where even the highway rest stops have well-maintained facilities, free coffee, free wi-fi and even a beautiful war memorial and you know gay people can marry and health is good and education is above the national average, and so on. This is what good government can do.

The country at large, is the opposite.

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