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Sunday, April 22, 2007

Scarlett Johansen Hosting SNL.

For the first fifteen minutes, I couldn't figure out whether it was a repeat or not because literally the sketches were all the same shitty-ass crap from the last time she hosted. There's the racist sketch where she plays the ghetto girl and Kenan is her mom, and the sexist/homophobic sketch where Kristen Whig has the hots for Scarlett. So lame.
Quoth M. Twist:
What if there was a news anchor who likes women, and is ALSO a woman? what a brilliant concept. I know right. She's a Girl and she also likes girls.
SNL has jumped the shark very, very, vigorously. And after a viewing of the clever action parody Hot Fuzz this evening, the comedown has been very, very, trying.

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  1. Anonymous12:54 PM

    Was that scarlett johansen? Why did I think it was someone else that did the sketch with Kenan Thompson?

    I wasn't offended by it. I actually found it really funny and would say it was more of an argument for nurture rather than nature--the white girl can also act ghetto (with the reference to Justin Timberlake making it in a traditionally black industry).